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【NEWS】The 4th 5th series of BUREX LaBo Roppongi and BUREX LaBo Akasaka opened on 1st July 2015!


Space Design Inc proudly announce that 4th 5th series of BUREX LaBo Roppongi and BUREX LaBo Akasaka opened on 1st July 2015. Both located in great walk within local stations, offering flexible and fully furnished spaces with useful specs( High speed internet, phone, Photocopy machine, and Meeting Rooms ).

Receptionists at the entrance happy to assist your guests along with your business.
Ideal for business start-up in Tokyo’s most prestigious districts.

【BUREX LaBo Roppongi】 URL:
Three minutes’ walk from Roppongi station. In the heart of global and progressive corporate mecca Roppongi, BUREX LaBo Roppongi offering high cost performance service office for small and compact to full floor space uses.
The office space has 24hour full functional facilities: full security and air conditioning system with 356days access free and spacious space with 3meter high ceiling approaches your business more closer to global standard in various ways.
In addition, two meeting rooms available and receptionist greets guests with tea/coffee ( optional service: 150JPY per serve ).

受付_920x600( BUREX LaBo Roppongi )


【BUREX LaBo Akasaka】 URL:
Two minutes’ walk from the prime location of Akasaka-Mistuke or Nagatacho station,
BUREX LaBo Akasaka building appears magnificently on 246 Aoyama Do-ri.
Renown as the heart of Tokyo’s business districts, Space Design Inc. happy to offer this prime location’s service office from one person use or more as well as eligible for company registration.
The interior has refined yet firmed style. Receptionist is happy to lead your guests to meeting floor.

( BUREX LaBo Akasaka )

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