Serviced Offices and Rental Offices by Kenedix Property Design


Service of BUREX

BUREX presents the intelligent choice for office space in Tokyo. Flexibility and excellence unite at this prestigious address. Clean interior design, modern artwork throughout the building, expansion-friendly floorplans, and ample free space for meetings, interviews, etc. The BUREX environment is guaranteed to motivate, please and impress.



This is a full size office building just one minute from main Tokyo thoroughfares. We have tucked our buildings just inside the main road areas for serene surroundings with excellent access. Leased space starts at 5 tsubo. For executives who want the merit of a full capacity office building with the option of leasing just the right size space, BUREX is your answer.


Flexible Planning

Space available from 10 tsubo (33㎡). With our flexible wall construction, your space can grow or downsize as your business demands.



Dedicated receptionists will greet your clients with bright smiles and great care. Reception staff support your business by taking care of your clients when they arrive, receiving packages and mail for you, calling taxis, etc. With free umbrella rental on rainy days and other attentive features, you will feel the warm support of our team each day.



Clean design, high-quality and relaxing ambiance are fixtures in each office building. Sure to impress each client and guest, we offer a working environment graced with the magnificent art of Minami Tada. Our space will convince your guests of your sense of taste and decorum.



This private glass lounge is wholly for tenant use. For both breaks and serious discussions, this is the perfect environment to close a deal, make a hire or simply innovate. Networking parties are held regularly throughout the year and these opportunities to meet other tenants and expand business opportunities are highlights of our BUREX service.


Glass Room

Guests can use the Glass Room  for scheduled meetings, interviews, etc.

 BUREX Kojimachi offers space for 4. BUREX Kyobashi has space for 10 wtih projectors.


Conference Room

Tenants in BUREX can make a reservation via internet or through the receptionist for a large conference room. The conference room features a table for 14 persons, big screen monitor, projector, whiteboard, flat-panel TV,  and Internet access.


Networking Events

On a regular basis, we are holding Business Networking Events for our residents to have new business opportunities and stimulate creativity. There are also other entertaining events such as live performances and guest seminars throughout the year.


Communal Area on every floor

BUREX provides restrooms and pantries on every floor. With the services and facilities we offer, our residents are able to maximize their office space without the worries to leave space for a microwave or a coffee machine.


The common space is designed upon exquisite hotel like that level with major service office buildings.
This is the office you can proudly invite your precious clients.
Receptionist will warmly welcome and greet your clients.